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Management of health with raw food diet

By Albert | August 30, 2010

Hey guys Yuri Elkaim here, receive to another episode of ask Yuri and at once we are talk about the Constipation . It’s a funny topic and you know it should be plugged up . It must have far improved and all like its stuff. So let’s get serious on the shelly. So I had a question from anonymous and they ask, Yuri I can’t hardly use the restroom, give me all the knowledge you have on it , I love those kinds of questions. I am only 18 and I have taken all the anti oxidants that i could take . Please help me to get to normal and tell me what stuff to eat or any kind of exercise to perform or any other thing to perform .

Well done, so now be with me now, it is going to require a lot of different process to the different answers . Ok so let’s starting signal answer the question of constipation . Constipation, give me the finalist genuinely, no more bowings at two different times of day, that’s a different game. If you want to go to bathroom, number two less two three times a day that could be considered to be constipation depending whom you talk too. Medical touch ons think you know ones a day is fine but as a entirely nutritional practician it’s not the way it is. Two three times a day if you go the washroom the constipation, it is basically because your stool, your food in the Aspinwall is the hydrate. It is like the water in it that moves it in the flow and out .

So we lose water in the lodging testing ones it get knackered and if it is too little water and too little fiber in colon then it becomes very very dry and hard to move done?. So vaccination unfortunately is not the way. Vaccination is a kind off is like a little bomb that goes off in the colon and says mere spasms the colon into the contagious and artificially ejects the boob. And that’s not the thing because, you basically stressing your intestines more and really teaching different type of behavior that are exhausted not from inside but from out. That’s not the good thing that you will like to do, so any taking vaccines I want them stop taking it right now. Unless your doctor prescribes them to you or unless there might be certain position for that, otherwise if you are going to over return your stuff, I really recommend you do not use them at all because they are not good and they do not teach your body to knead, study properly, you know any how.

So you know causing of the constipation is that really simple strategy and fix it. You can use three things water; fiber and omega 3 were essential things I will say. Water because constipation is a hydration problem, probably you need lots of water in to get more water here so that the things can move. Secondly fiber, you want soluble and insoluble fiber, fiber bad source of the dark sea. Fresh fruits and vegetable which are part of Raw food diet, people to remain blind to nutshell which I think is ridiculous in the sleazy world. Whole granulate good source of fiber, you know blab blab blab blab bla, don’t worry that process is going to garbage thing.

It’s just baffle to fruits and vegetables anytime a little backup the first thing I do is, I grab an apple and within half an hour among the cane, grab a book and just going to read. No, seriously because, for instances the apple is insoluble fiber is probably the skin and that acts like a broom that sweeps things through your intestines. The soluble fiber is what in truth absorbs and binds to the lot of toxins, like toxins in the form of hormones, cholesterols that scour and moves out from your body which is see you on both. I don’t recommend the fiber supplements, you would have need to. I think ground flag seeds good whole source of fiber. Other than that fruits and vegetables have both soluble and insoluble, that’s pretty much what all you need.

So that require in omega 3, fish oil, fish oil by default is the best, hands down, flex oil, hemp oil that is pretty good as well we couldn’t have the high ratio or converting of omega 3. But again the oils that are used to lubricate the intestines which help them to move so that’s all things as well, which is a Healthy eating advice.

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